Toys That Teach

Gymboree Play & Music, the global leader in classes for kids, brings you colorful, musical tactile toys developed to help children and parents learn and play together.

Get a move on physical activity and creative play enhances young imaginations!

Driving that train ChooChoo!

Pretend with your child that you’re trains, trucks or cars going through a tunnel.

Bottle bowling 

Set up some empty plastic bottles on the floor like bowling pins. Help your child aim, then roll the ball to knock them down.

All together now!

We built this city!

Create a city together! Your older toddler will love turning blocks into roadways, buildings, cars and more.

Goes the bubble!

Catch and pop bubbles together by clapping or poking. Great for hand-eye coordination.

Shape up!

Color wheel!

Teach the names of colors to your toddler by pointing to the different magnet colors.

Air art

Spark your child’s creativity. Trace air shapes with crayons or coat them with washable paint and use as stamps!

Shake, rattle and roll

Little song writer

Make music together! Help your toddler hit the keys and invent a new song.

Form a Gymband 

Encourage your child to play an instrument while you sing along together, invite other family members to join the fun.


Family band

A child-safe tambourine with jingles, tucked away under a wonderfully sparkly cover that will make everyone to clap.

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