What are the differences between School Skills and Play & Learn Program?
04:32 | 06/05/2015

School Skills prolongs the class hour to 120 minutes, up from the original 45 minutes, which is a big trial to kids’ will power. For the first 30 minutes (when parents are away), kids sit around the instructor, learning alphabets and listening to stories. Every kid is invited to take part in this group learning. For the following 20 minutes, kids are grouped and required to produce artistic creations. After a 5 minutes break and refreshment time, kids file in the play room where they participate in physical-fitness building games and activities in a broader space for 30 minutes. For the last 35 minutes, kids returned to the art room and work with riched-featured Leappad which helps kids learn alphabets, shapes, and numerals using multiple sense organs. Before the class draws to an end, parents are invited back to the classroom assisting the kids in writing the growth journal and sharing their thoughts about the class.



How Gymboree School Skills activities support your preschoolers development?

· Longer classes allow children to be independent and develop confidence about their ability to learn and play on their own and with their peers.  Two-hour classes also give children the chance to experience many facets of the day’s theme, through active play, pretend play, story time, and peer interaction.


· Class themes based on ZERO TO THREE’s 7 key skills for school readiness ensure that, even as children participate in fun literacy and science activities, each class also focuses on the critical social and emotional skills necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond.  These include communication, persistence and cooperation.


· A wide range of activities—including active play and movement games, stories, circle time, art, science, and pre-writing skills—are used to introduce and reinforce the social skill of that unit.  For example, if the unit is confidence, children may build their own obstacle course, read a book about growing up and being capable of doing many things.  Preschoolers learn best when offered a range of activities that address the same concept in a slightly different way.  Even at this age, repetition and practice are key to learning.


· Letter of the Day promotes children’s growing letter recognition and phonemic awareness.  Children use Leappad to listen to and practice saying letter sounds.  They develop letter recognition at the sensory level through activities like tracing the letter in sand and by dancing with letters.


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  • "Gymboree is a wonderful interactive program. Parents and children will be delighted to spend time together building strong bonds that will last a lifetime."

    - Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics at the UCLA School of Medicine, author: The Happiest Baby on the Block

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