Supporting young children’s physical development
02:52 | 01/12/2013



I have 22-month-old son and would like to enroll some learning centers where he can master his skills physically, and I have had difficulty choosing it as there are so many children learning centers. So now, I’m wondering what makes Gymboree’s materials and programs different from the one of other children’s center in supporting young children’s physical development?

You are completely right when you have concern about which learning center is the best choice for your love one, as it serves as a significant foundation for your son’s holistic development later and in his life. In order to answer your question, I would like to break your question into 2 main components: Materials and Curriculum in supporting physical development for young children.


1. Teaching Materials at Gymboree:

  • Our primary equipment has been designed by experts specifically for the use in activities for development
  • Gymboree uses appropriate materials for children in that particular level and ensures the maximum safety.
  • Materials are easy to manage, can be adapted and tailored for each lesson plan.
  • Materials used are appropriated size for young children.
  • Uses high quality materials. Produced only through factories with a specific standard of quality for children from the age of 0-5 years.

2. Curriculum design at Gymboree:


  • All curriculums are designed by the Gymboree Corporation R&D team in the United States.
  • The development team has continuously redefined the programs for over 30 years with the goal of improving each course at a minimum of every 3-5 years.
  • All curriculums are carefully developed in conjunction with child development specialist at all times. The curriculum is carefully tested for children development before implementation.
  • Each curriculum is consistent with the children development age group and is recognized by the Zero to Three Organization to be best suited for children age 0-5.
  • All courses are designed for 1 year per level without being repeated. Some activities may be repeated, but children will learn new things in each lesson.
  • Lesson Plans are changed every week as a standard worldwide. In every lesson there is a clearly defined theme such as “Flashlights”, “Around Town”, “Tunnel”, “Senses”, “Groceries”…
  • Each activity has an objective for the children’s development according to their age group, For example, body awareness (level 1), sensory stimulation (level 2), hand-foot coordination (level 3), spatial awareness (level 4), muscle strength and coordination in pretend play (level 5), bilateral coordination and motor planning skills (level 6), skillful movements (level 7)
  • All the lesson plans are taught by teachers who are well trained to understand and to use the program correctly in every country around the world.


Also, in order to have better image of Gymboree, we proudly and happily invite you to Gymboree preview class where you can really feel how it is at no cost at all. Finally, through the given information above and preview class offered to you, we hope that we have been able to create a clearer picture for you of Gymboree, and you make a right decision for your loved son.




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