How to handle toddlers’ aggressiveness
03:40 | 01/12/2013


My daughter has always been very physically active, but since she turned 2, she seems to be more aggressive. She sometimes pushes and hits other children on the playground.


This is a tough issue for many parents of 2-year-old. It is important to remember that older toddlers are still more likely to use actions, instead of words, to express their feelings. Your daughter may know what she wants, but may not know the words to say it. Or she may have the words but may not yet be able to explain her feelings. Aggressive actions such as biting and hitting may be her way of expressing her frustration. You can help your daughter by creating safe places for physical play and for redirecting those strong feelings. For example, “You feel angry! Show me how angry you are in a way that isn’t hurtful!” Then build a pile of pillows together to roll on and punch. Kick a ball hard outside in the yard. Remember, children repeat behaviors as a way to test the results. A consistent response from you will help her learn what is not allowed and what is okay.

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